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RIP Sydneigh…

Now it’s not happening at all. All this buildup and an update about the VIP tickets on the FB page yesterday and…it’s just fallen to shit in the past few hours.

I was genuinely excited for this when it was first announced: that we were going to get Andrew Francis to come down and I got even more excited earlier this year when it was announced Ashleigh Ball was joining as well.

And then the problems started. Ticket sales were down and there was a poorly thought-out fundraiser to get more guests in (Michelle Creber and Black Gryph0n) and that turned into another push for tickets or to upgrade weekend passes. During this time, I upgraded my weekend pass to the Ruby tier. That’s about $249 I probably won’t see all of again.

But it seemed to be going rather well. Ticket sales were still down but (apparently) lots of people were upgrading their tiers. Updates came onto the FB page and on their tumblr fast and furious and the excitement seemed to rise to a fever pitch. However, that wasn’t to be.

About 5 hours ago, I tried to access the site only to be met with an Error 500. Reported it to the FB page and thought nothing of it. Within the last 45 minutes though…woo. The Public Relationship Manager moonlightsiesta stepped down, citing a fracturing of the group. Or something like that…and she mentioned refunds which I (since I was a bit late to the other party) thought as a tad off.

Hop onto the Sydneigh FB page to see what was happening and, akin to the Hydra rising up in Hercules (the Disney movie), I saw that Sydneigh was cancelled.

Well shit.

But Ponycon is still on for next year and hopefully they can find a way to integrate Ashleigh Ball and Andrew Francis into the activities/amenities. I know I’d certainly shell out more $$$ to see three or four VA’s (including Peter New and Andrea Libman).

Sydneigh 2014: a con with big promises but a victim of its dreams.

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Just a few more seconds…


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Futanari girls with inverted nipples [request]


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Suck, twist and swallow

Suck, twist and swallow

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hot blonde taking selfies

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I am bunny! And don’t you confuse that!


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